The Home Page of Jennifer Semple Siegel has Moved...

The home page of Jennifer Semple Siegel has moved to
I have rebranded it as “Why I Write” because
– I own the .com, the name fits, and it’s easy to remember – and NOT typically misspelled.
– My name is difficult to remember and easily misspelled – in fact, it’s almost always misspelled in myriad configurations:
Sigel/Seigel/Sigal/Seigal/Segal/Seagull (okay, only rarely for that last one, ha, ha.)
But I get the confusion and try not to get bent out of shape when someone misspells my name(s), which almost everyone does.
However, If anyone misspells “Why I Write,” I’ll have to throw up my hands and assume that person is an idiot, which would make me very sad.
I’m slowly rewriting, reformatting, and migrating text from this page, which was a terrible mess. When I first set it up, I just didn’t have the know-how to create navigation links that made sense, and Blogger offered a limited number of templates, none of which were mobile friendly.
Given that most people now use their smartphones for surfing the web, I wanted to set up something that looked good on the desktop, laptop, and the smartphone.
Fortunately, Blogger has obliged by offering new (and lovely) mobile-friendly templates that are simple to set up (well, mostly) and display well on smartphones.
Most importantly, websites using these templates load easily and fast (unlike some of my earlier sites, such as this one. OY!)
Anyway, I have updated an old article “The Politics of Memoir and The Making of Memoir Madness.”
Somewhere, I have posted a more generic article on memoir writing which covers more of the same issues related to memoir writing – I used it for workshops that I offered overseas. But I’ll be darned if I can find it right now.
Memoir writing can be fraught with traps – not everyone hanging around a memoirist is comfortable with what a memoir can reveal about family and friends.
I get it; being dragged unwillingly into someone else’s memoir has got to be disempowering – is that even a word? If not, it should be.
So how does one write that compelling memoir and still respect the people who find themselves inhabiting it?


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