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Wednesday, June 11, 2008 Forum Growing and Going Strong

The forum, now on its permanent site, is growing and going strong; over 13,000 hits have been recorded since June 17, 2008. Also, check out, a Journal of Literary Arts. was founded because issues regarding the code of silence surrounding anti-establishment literary ideas and information continue and are just too important to ignore.

The staid and continue to ban their members who would dare to criticize the literary establishment and the questionable activities of the literary elite. Legally, these administrators and moderators have the right to ban anyone they wish, but, then, why bother offering a public forum at all? follows The Public-Forum Doctrine, thus, not censoring unpopular viewpoints, even if the admins and mods disagree, and controversial information. Members are able to post whatever is on their minds on a given topic.

So are you ready yet?


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