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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Memoir--I, Driven: memoir of a teen's involuntary commitment


[My ex-husband] may feel uncomfortable with my treatment of him, but this memoir isn’t about our life together but our life apart at a time when we wanted to be together.

(February 19, 1969)
I was driven to Cherokee.

A hazy memory of riding caged in the back of a police car.

Two shadows in the front seat, the county sheriff and a female escort, jabbering. I, cargo, to be delivered from the Woodbury County courthouse to the Cherokee Mental Institution.

Outside, the Iowa landscape bleak:

Cloudy and cold, condensation and frost riming the windows, piles of dirty snow dotting the countryside.

Inside, hot and steamy.

Still, I shivered, my teeth chattering. Please turn up the heat!

But cargo has no voice.

For all the importance of this drive–then and now–I remember little, except for one question:

Am I really crazy?

* * * * *

From I, Driven: memoir of a teens involuntary commitment ("Prologue")

© 2008, by Jennifer Semple Siegel

Excerpt may not be used or copied without author’s permission.


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